About Us: Stratesys Group


Stratesys Group is a Supplier Reprensentative
Based in Southern California

Not doing "Business as Usual"...

The formation of Stratesys Group is the issue of over 30 years of industry experience. It began with the simple principle and desire to provide the best service and most complete product offering to support production and rework manufacturing companies in Southern California.

Our primary role as factory representatives is to ensure that you have the right tools, equipment, information and response time required to be profitable!  We will provide you with:

  • Cost effective product and service solutions. If we don’t offer the right product, we will recommend other suppliers who will.
  • Demonstrations and information on the new product our suppliers release. You will know sooner rather than later.
  • Our full attention and response. Besides our product and service offering, we have invested in CRM which allows us to stay on top of the open loops and follow-up tasks.




Tom Seratti

Tom Seratti is a southern California native with over 30 years of experience running businesses in all aspects of the electronic manufacturing industry from sales and distribution to manufacturing. Tom is currently serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. 


David Kruidhof
Sales Engineer

David Kruidhof is a southern California native with a B.S in Electrical Engineering and experience at SPAWAR and optimization with non-profit organizations. David is currently serving San Diego  and Riverside Counties and southern Nevada.


Carrie Seratti
Account Manager 

Carrie Seratti is a native of southern California with a degree in Technical Marketing as well as being six sigma certified. She has years of experience in Sales and Marketing in telecommunications industry. Carrie is responsible for marketing and new business development. Carrie is serving Orange County and the Inland Empire.




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